Fish, Frozen Seafood and Molluscs

We supply frozen seafood, fish, molluscs, shrimp and prawns for importer.
We’re passionate about supplying our customers with top quality fish & Seafood and international service.
Origin from:

  • - Perú
  • - Ecuador
  • - Chile
  • - Argentina
Minimum order one 20 fet.

Goat Meat, Sheep Meat, Mutton and Pork Meat

We can supply premium goat meat, sheep meat, mutton, pork meat for importer. We are able to do mixed containers of lamb, mutton and goat.
We offer you: Free range - All ages - Weight range sorted - Whole carcass, 6/8 way cut, further cuts to specific orders - Age Guaranteed - Requirement by farmers/suppliers for careful pre-slaughter management of livestock. Stringent livestock transport standards. PH levels monitored.
Origin from:

  • New Zealand -
  • Autralia -
  • Minimum order one 20 fet.

Buffalo Meat and Beef

We supply buffalo meat and beef for importer.
We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe quality beef and buffalo is part of our culture.
Origin from:

  • - New Zealand
  • - Australia
  • - Brazil
  • - Uruguay
  • - USA
  • - Argentina
Minimum order one 20 fet.